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What Role Does Police Report Play In Car Accident Cases?

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? More than likely, yes. After all, who hasn’t? You likely called the police and paramedics to the scene of your last car accident. If you did, you may have wondered what role police reports play in car accident cases. Well, you can read this article for basic information. You can then discuss this with a personal injury lawyer.

The basics of a police report

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the law in most states in America requires the parties involved in a car accident (no matter how severe) to call the police to the scene. The police will likely ask you and the at-fault driver a series of questions. They are designed to gather information needed to produce a detailed and objective report. Police reports list important facts relating to the accident scene in detail. They also mention who the officer believed was at fault. His or her opinion is based on his or her experience and knowledge of personal injury law. Your personal injury lawyer in Alameda will ask you to obtain a copy of the police report. This can be used as vital evidence against the defense in court.

How to interpret a police report

Personal injury lawyers know the following about police reports. They know that the information mentioned in the report is based on detailed observations (which include pictures) and investigation of the accident scene. The officer will often include his or her interpretation of these observations in the form of an opinion. These opinions can state the party who is believed to be at fault. They can also state how the officer think the accident happened, and how it could have been avoided. Detailed witness statements and diagrams of the accident scene are common parts of a police report.

Using the police report as evidence

If your case ever goes to court, you’ll want to use the police report as evidence. You can do so by including it in your file and having your personal injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill discuss its merits. Of course, you and your lawyer can argue against the information contained in the report in court, especially if you think it is unfairly biased.You can consider a police report to be your friend because you can use it along with good legal counsel to help you win your case in court and obtain the settlement that you want and need. That is why it always helps to have the right lawyer in your corner. Thus, look for someone that has ample expertness in such cases,