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What Is The Process of Filing A Claim In California After An Accident?

With speeding and distracted driving, there has been an increase in accidents on the road. Some of the obvious reasons that have been pointed out for the vehicle collisions in California include:

• Drink/drugs and drive cases
• Failure to react to incremental weather
• Ignoring traffic signals
• Texting when driving
• High speed driving
• Carelessness when changing lanes
• Fatigue of driver
• Defective components of vehicle

If you are involved in a car accident, you can be left with catastrophic injuries or even minor ones that leaves you with a trauma. The first thing that you need to do is get medical treatment though you might be worrying about the cost of damages and injuries. Filing a claim to get compensated might be the last thing on your mind. However, if you think rationally, the only way to get your medical bills paid and property damage covered is by getting compensated for your losses.

At the scene of accident

Irrespective of whether it is your fault or the other driver’s, if you are involved in a collision, you need to take care of other aspects such as:

• Get the information about the witness and exchange key information with the other driver/s. This includes not just the license information but details about the insurance, contact details and license plate numbers.
• It is essential to strengthen your claim by taking the images of the scene of accident right after the accident. This includes the sustained injuries and property damage.
• Contact law enforcement to get the accident report by the police.
• Consult with an injury lawyer in Pleasant Hill.
• to get the right assistance and maximum compensation that you deserve.
• It is important to talk with the lawyer about the claim but do not discuss it with anyone else or on social media. This is important insurance companies are always on a lookout to minimize the compensation pay-out.

It has been seen that many people apply for disability benefits after catastrophic car or auto accident. They believe that they have paid into the system and are entitled to receive benefits but often end with denials wherein the government agency does not term their injuries as catastrophic or long term to receive the benefits. That is when you need representation by an injury lawyer in California.

When your lawyer files a claim, the defendant or the at-fault party or their insurance company will be notified. Oftentimes, the insurance company will try to lowball you into accepting an unjust compensation amount, or try to tell you that the claim is capped. In most cases, the injury lawyer files a Statement of Claim and the Notice of Action which will give details about your case. Additional information will be given such as police report, medical expenses, relevant evidence and loss of wages.