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What Happens If A Teenage Driver Hits Your Vehicle?

People who teach drivers education know all too well that a large percentage of car accidents are caused by people under age 18 largely because of their daring nature and lack of experience. If you are unfortunate enough to be hit by a minor, you should consult a personal injury lawyer for advice in filing a lawsuit. Also, since personal injury law is complex you should also read this article for valuable pointers. Doing so could help you win the settlement you want in court from the teenager’s insurance company.

Know that you can indeed sue a minor in court

Your personal injury lawyer in Alameda, will tell you that if your car is hit by someone under the age of 18 and he or she is at fault, you can indeed file a lawsuit against him or her in court. This is true in many American states and you can win the settlement you want in court. But if you do file a lawsuit against a minor, the insurance company of the legal parent or guardian of the teenager will pay your claims. This is especially true if the teenager was being a negligent driver and deliberately hit your car. It could have been caused by the all too common case of underage drinking. Just keep in mind that the caps on settlement amounts are $15,000 for an injury or accident, $30,000 if more than one person was hurt or killed in the accident, and $5,000 for property damage.

Your lawyer will tell you that you can sue a minor in court if he or she intentionally beats you up or causes damage to your property. The minor may have succumbed to peer pressure or may have been responding to a dare from his or her friends. The parents or guardian of the minor would be responsible for paying all of your hospital, medical, dental, and other costs in this instance.

If a parent or guardian is dumb enough to let his or her teenager handle a firearm and you get injured while the teenager is in possession of the gun, you can indeed sue the teenager and his or her parent or legal guardian in court. What is even better is that you can win the settlement in court. This is true regardless of whether your injuries were accidental or intentional, as per a personal injury lawyer.

It is possible to win a settlement against a minor. You can indeed sue a minor in court and win damages from his or her parents and/or legal guardian if you and your personal injury lawyer can build a case in court that is strong and convinces the jury of your true suffering.