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Every day, each of us takes precautions to be sure we avoid injury and danger, and live our lives as safely as possible. Many of us do these things without ever believing that we will need them, and yet we begin every drive by putting on our seatbelts. Unfortunately, no matter how safely we approach life and the things that we do, we cannot be entirely in control of the decisions that other people make about safety – and as a result, accidents do occur.

In California, anyone who is wrongfully injured through the reckless, negligent, or careless actions of another person is entitled to receive full compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In support of this principle, property owners, drivers, and other responsible parties across California are required to have insurance – to ensure the protection is in place when it is needed.

Though Martinez, California does have a legal system that protects people who have been wrongfully injured, the truth is that it can be harder than you think to access full compensation for serious injuries through a personal injury case. There are many insurance companies and guilty parties who will do whatever they can to ensure they pay as little as possible – and this is why it is crucial that anyone thinking about filing a personal injury case find representation from an excellent and experienced personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Representation in Pleasant Hill

The predatory actions of insurance companies and attempts of guilty parties to avoid making payments pose a challenge to anyone who was seriously injured through no fault of their own. The system makes it very difficult for you to receive payment for what is fair. Braff Accident Lawyers was formed for the specific purpose of ensuring that no one who has been seriously injured is left to fend for themselves and be taken advantage of after a serious accident.

We work hard to ensure we provide professional, efficient, and reliable support to accident victims. Our team has years of experience in successfully navigating successful claims for every type of serious accident. We work only with people who have been wrongfully injured, and never negligent parties. When you work with Braff Accident Lawyers, your case receives the benefit of these years of experience, and our work in every field of personal injury law makes us particularly competent at navigating complex or difficult to prove cases.

Braff Accident Lawyers - Our Areas of Representation

At Braff Accident Lawyers, our Martinez, California team has worked in every possible field of personal injury claim, and has the professional experience necessary to navigate any type of claim. We’ve worked with victims of vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, public transit accidents, dog attacks, slip and fall incidents, and more. Each of these cases demands a unique approach and unique skills to ensure success, and Braff Accident Lawyers are familiar with them all!

When we work with a new client, we ensure that our team takes the time to get to know your needs, your case, and what you are entitled to – and negotiate aggressively to be sure you receive every dollar of compensation you need to return to your life. At Braff Accident Lawyers, our aim is always to ensure that we negotiate a settlement as quickly as possible, but are prepared to represent you in court proceedings when necessary.

Free Consultation for Personal Injury Victims in Pleasant Hill

At Braff Accident Lawyers, we know that the trauma of a serious accident and injury can leave your reeling. Our team aims to take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on recovery, healing and adjustment.  We offer each potential client an entirely free consultation. This gives our team the chance to review your case, answer questions, and give you some insight into what you can expect. We know how difficult it can be to decide on a personal injury lawyer, and we are confident that our initial meeting will demonstrate why we are the most successful personal injury firm in Pleasant Hill.

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