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Government Assistance With Costly Treatments For Victims of Violence In California

In California, as in any state, a victim of violence may need to seek treatments for severe injuries. Those treatments could be expensive. Fortunately, California has established the Victim Compensation Program.

What is the purpose of that Program?

It helps victims to pay for needs that go beyond the treatment for visible injuries. Was the victim’s mental health affected by the violent act directed against her or him? Did the victim suffer dental problems as the result of that violent attack?

Did the victim lose his or her wages, while recovering from the attack? Was the victim later threatened by the defendant, and forced to move? If the victim did not move, did he or she hire some form of protection?

Each of those questions touches on a possible need, one that might be faced by a victim of violence. The Victim Compensation Program was created to help victims deal with such needs.

Victims of what sorts of crimes might seek assistance from this Program?

• Victims of sexual abuse
• Victims of domestic violence
• Victims of child abuse
• Someone that is being stalked

Rules to be followed by victims that use this Program:

Only residents of California can use the Victim Compensation Program. It cannot be used by a non-resident that becomes involved in an accident while visiting California.

No victim can receive money for lost or damaged property. No victim can receive money for pain and suffering. The state of California has established a deadline for filing for the Program’s compensation. Victims that do not file before the deadline should not expect to get compensated for their added costs.

The victims that seek compensation from this Program are allowed to pursue a personal injury case against the defendant. Still, if a victim were to win such a case, and to receive an award, then that same victim must repay to the Compensation Program that money that he or she received, in order to deal with the added costs, those created by the violent act.

Still, Personal Injury Lawyers in Richmond know that no victim would ever need to repay more than $250,000. That is the size of the cap on non-economic damages in California. In other words, no victim could will an award that granted more than $250,000 for non-economic damages. True, a victim might win more for economic damages, but that money should cover the costs of the victim’s prescribed treatment.