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Do You Know WhyYou Must See The Doctor After A Car Accident?

Your health is of utmost importance. Read further to learn how to protect it. You may be involved in a minor car accident where you sustain no obvious or serious injuries. You should still see a doctor and hire a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers have seen many instances where people who are involved in car accidents have no idea that they have sustained any injuries. The reason why is because their bodies produce endorphins which hide the pain from and extent of injuries until months, sometimes even years, later.Seeing a doctor right away will help you heal faster. It will provide you with the medical records that you can use as evidence in future personal injury claims. Your lawyer would be happy to have it, to help you build a strong case.

See your doctor when you have injuries

Your personal injury lawyer in Alameda will tell you to see a doctor as soon as you experience symptoms of injuries. Doing so could detect serious conditions early and save your life.Continue treatment until the doctor tells you to stop.Always continue treatment until the doctor tells you to stop. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that this is the best and only way to completely heal quickly.Continued medical treatment will also mean complete medical records that you can use as evidence in your personal injury lawsuit or claim.

You may be involved in a hit and run where the driver has no insurance. That doesn’t matter, even if you can’t get a settlement from the other driver, you can always obtain a settlement from your own insurance company. So, insurance is very important even in these instances.

Thoroughly review your medical records

Be sure to ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records. Review them carefully and thoroughly with your personal injury lawyerand your doctor. Ask questions when you don’t understand something.Make sure that your doctor’s description of your accident matches that of your records and memory. The defense will use any obvious discrepancies against you. Make sure that the doctor has accurately and thoroughly documented and described your medical history.Your medical records can make a difference as your personal injury lawyer will tell you that your medical records can play a decisive role in determining the outcome of your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Personal injury lawyer will tell you that “insurance changes everything” in terms of determining the amount of settlement you will receive from either a personal injury case or a personal injury lawsuit.