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Do Long-Term Injuries Affect Your Claim’s Value?

If you have a long-lasting injury, your personal injury lawyer will inform you that it and its residual effects will affect your personal injury claim’s value. You may have sustained substantial bodily injuries after having been involved in a personal injury accident. This likely motivated you to hire a personal injury lawyer and file a personal injury claim. If you and your personal injury lawyer can prove that your bodily injuries permanently affected your abilities to function normally, it will likely increase your claim’s value.

Common residual injuries

Personal injury lawyers in Alameda know that these injuries tend to commonly affect people involved in personal injury accidents.

● Scars and disfigurement – you can have temporary or permanent scarring if you had to have an operation because of your personal injuries. If you have extensive scarring, you can end up with lots of scar tissue. This is healed tissue that is firm and makes the surrounding tissue much less flexible. If you have lots of scar tissue in the webbing of your fingers or in your limbs, you may permanently lose some function and mobility in therm. You can generally obtain a higher settlement amount for scars and disfigurement. Just make sure that you get an official medical opinion from your doctor regarding this and make sure that the opinion is included in your medical records.

● Back and joint injuries – if you break or sprain your back or if you damage the connective tissue in your joints, you will definitely lose some control of their function. It may even impair your mobility. You May experience some discomfort or negative consequences as a result of these injuries as you age even if they completely heal. You can generally get a higher settlement amount for these injuries for this reason.

Have your doctor document injuries

If you want to have a chance at obtaining a huge settlement for these types of injuries, you need to provide evidence that these injuries are somewhat debilitating and permanent. The only way you can do so is if you have your doctor formally document them in your medical records. Ask your doctor if your residual injuries can permanently impair your life, or if they can do so for the long-term. Ask your doctor to include that as a formal note in your records if he or she believes that the answer is yes.

Law is on your side

Of course, you’ll have to discuss these concepts with your lawyer in more detail to fully understand them, but the law is on your side. You can indeed get a bigger settlement for residual injuries especially if they are permanent or even long-lasting if you understand the information discussed in this article and hire a good lawyer!