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Personal Injury Faq’s

Do Long-Term Injuries Affect Your Claim’s Value?

If you have a long-lasting injury, your personal injury lawyer will inform you that it and its residual effects will affect your personal injury claim’s value. You may have sustained substantial bodily injuries after having been involved in a personal injury accident. This likely motivated you to hire a personal injury lawyer and file a

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What If My Personal Injury Case Has Liens?

If you get a settlement from the defendant, your personal injury lawyer may tell you that it’s not ‘game over’ yet. This is especially true if you have already received a payout of any amount from you or the defendant’s insurance company. The insurer will demand the money it paid you to be paid back

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FAQs On Personal Injury Damages

Whenever you are involved in a personal injury accident, the first thing you will (probably) do is hire a lawyer. Since you are (probably) not a legal expert, you’ll have lots of questions for him or her. Well, before you question your lawyer, read this article. You’ll be given some more insight into the most

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